8 de May de 2023

Sustainability as a Trend: What are the Key Factors for Consumers?

Colombates / May 8 -2023 More and more people are reconsidering their priorities when making purchases. In an economy with a growing supply of products and services, and greater access to information, the buyer holds a privileged position to be more demanding. According to the 2022 Trends report from IBM, 4 out of 5 consumers

29 de November de 2022

Sustainability and Other Key Aspects When Choosing a Packaging Supplier

Taken from Portafolio – November 29, 2022 Edition – Page 27 According to a study by market research firm IPSOS, two out of three people associate paper bags with values such as sustainability and environmental care. Furthermore, 79% of consumers consider a product’s logo or brand more attractive and visually pleasing when printed on

15 de June de 2021

Consumer and Sustainability: A Combination to Consider in Business

We find ourselves at a turning point that draws attention to the importance of taking action to address the environmental crisis worldwide. This situation has driven, among many other things, the implementation of business strategies focused on seeking more sustainable solutions, business visions geared towards value generation, and consumers who are more conscious of the

15 de June de 2021

Three Key Questions for Responsible Supplier Selection

In the logistics chain of any company, suppliers – as the first link – play a strategic and fundamental role. Understanding that they are the ones who will provide the resources, goods, and/or products that enable certain economic activity, it is of utmost importance to choose them correctly and under responsible criteria; factors such as